Accessories for a designer kitchen

Accessories for a designer kitchen

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If design is naturally installed in our living rooms, it also crossed the door of the kitchen to invest the accessories and utensils. Some brands even offer products with such original shapes that it is difficult to guess the function of the object. Zoom on the hall dedicated to tableware on the Maison et Objet lounge to discover the trend.

Very refined forms for the kitchen

Kitchen utensils are also entitled to ultra design lines! The objects are then refined with streamlined and truly futuristic shapes. The dish drainer becomes a sculpture of metal wires where to place clean dishes, the kitchen scales resemble a touch pad and the citrus juicers like vessels from outer space.

Design materials for the kitchen

In terms of materials, the utensils are adorned with stainless steel and lacquered materials to bring a great shine to the object. The very smooth appearance of these materials also gives a very futuristic touch to all the accessories. There are matt metal pepper mills, chrome toasters and steel storage boxes. The utensils then become real jewels which are displayed on the kitchen worktops. Discover our selection of designer accessories for the kitchen:


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