Ribiland protects furniture and barbecue in the garden with 100% recyclable covers

Ribiland protects furniture and barbecue in the garden with 100% recyclable covers

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Eco Platinum protective covers, 100% waterproof and recyclable, protect the mower, garden furniture and barbecue against rain and UV rays. Practically tear-proof and resistant to temperature variations, these Ribiland protective covers are made of 90 g / m2 polyethylene. Anti-UV treated, they are perfectly waterproof against rain and also provide a total barrier to the sun's rays in order to prevent garden furniture from turning yellow or discolouring. Lightweight, they deploy with a single gesture to encompass the object of all your attention. In addition, with a view to protecting nature, Ribiland has developed an innovative manufacturing process that allows them to be 100% recyclable from the end of the hem to the eyelet, which is no longer metallic. Eco Platinium covers are available in several models. Rectangular, they are available in two dimensions: 220 x 120 x 70 cm and 220 x 120 x 70 cm. They can house a table and ten garden chairs, cover the large gas barbecue, or even protect the lawnmower or the children's playhouse. The chair covers are available in 70 x 70 x 110 cm. Finally, a round cover with a diameter of 200 cm x 80 cm in height is also available in the range. Price: 11 to 35 €, depending on the model. On sale in garden centers and supermarkets.


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