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I want a bar in my garden!

I want a bar in my garden!

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Rather than meeting your friends on a packed terrace, we invite everyone to the garden in their own bar. To help you create a real atmosphere where to receive in all conviviality, here are our tips.

A bar, a real

As for furniture, you will be able to equip yourself with a real bar! You will find many models dedicated outside to materialize this space in your garden. You will find several styles depending on the atmosphere you want to create: design with braided resin, wood for an exotic spirit or even bright for a pop atmosphere that extends after dark. To install your guests, you can also add high stools to really sit at the bar.

Bar accessories

And to give a bar atmosphere, bet on accessories! Treat yourself to very colorful cocktail glasses and very decorative straws. To prepare cocktails like a chef, consider getting a shaker. If you can connect to electricity, add a blender that will allow you to crush the ice and mix fresh fruit for even tastier cocktails.


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