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Natural auxiliaries at Vilmorin to fight against parasites

Natural auxiliaries at Vilmorin to fight against parasites

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Auxiliary insects have long been replacing pesticides and other chemicals commonly used in the fight against plant predators by arborists and all organic producers. To help gardeners develop natural treatment methods, Vilmorin offers a range of 15 plant protectors, divided into three families: - Auxiliary insects, naturally present in nature, which feed on pests on the aerial parts of plantations. - Nematodes, microscopic worms, which look for underground prey which they parasitize to better destroy them. - Sex pheromones, substances emitted by the female insect to attract the male and which will allow them to be attracted to the heart of glue traps. These solutions are adapted to meet defined needs and eliminate a specific species of plant predators. Among the auxiliary insects, the ladybug is undoubtedly the star of the gardens. Ladybugs, and even more their larvae, are formidable devourers of aphids. They are particularly effective on roses and in the vegetable patch, especially for artichokes which are a favorite plant for aphids. Naturally present in our latitudes, the two-point ladybug (Adalia bipunctata), marketed by Vilmorin, does not harm other varieties of ladybugs. The natural solutions offered by Vilmorin are easy to use and do not pose any danger to the ecosystem since the species chosen are all native. The brand therefore provides the gardener with a whole range of effective natural solutions to protect their garden, whatever the problem encountered. On sale from 18 € to 26 €, depending on the variety of auxiliaries, in garden centers, agricultural self-service and DIY stores.


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