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Orb-It: the new ultra-compact vacuum cleaner

Orb-It: the new ultra-compact vacuum cleaner

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Aware of the lack of space in our interiors, Black & Decker combines design and functionality by offering an ultra-compact vacuum cleaner. Presentation of Orb-It which will revolutionize extra cleaning and make you addicted to cleaning!

Innovative design

Orb-It is a vacuum cleaner with a very innovative design! With its futuristic lines and pop colors, this vacuum cleaner appeals to students in need of space as well as geeks addicted to innovative gadgets. Orb-It has also already been awarded the Plus X Award by a jury of 144 personalities from 32 countries. There are six trendy colors to choose from such as glossy pink, satin green, electric blue or even cherry red…

Easy to use

To use the vacuum cleaner, simply lift the folded handle on the sphere to raise the nose of the device. Then you can vacuum the crumbs on the table, clean the work surface after use, vacuum the computer keyboard or the piano keys. Ideal for everyday use, the vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for small narrow surfaces thanks to its extension with removable brush. Once used, simply rest it on its 360 ° base to recharge the battery (autonomy 7 min). And to empty the tank, you simply press a button to open the door and throw the dirt in the trash without having to touch it. Price: 59.90 euros.


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