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Can I tint yellow leather armchairs?

Can I tint yellow leather armchairs?

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Joséphine's question


Design answer: a dye yes, but it's a delicate makeover

Hello Joséphine, I understand your request to dye your yellow leather armchairs in black, but know that this is a difficult makeover. However, there are dyes for leather that you will find on the Internet, at your shoemaker or at a color merchant. What is good already, is that you start from a light color to go to a dark dye, it is a real advantage but beware, these are generally small bottles, so it may cost you a little expensive . For the steps to be carried out, I believe that a professional or the manual will be more able to help you. Otherwise, you have another solution: dress your armchairs with a pretty black plaid in linen or velvet which will completely change the look of your armchairs without breaking the bank. You too, send us your decoration question