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Tote storage for teens

Tote storage for teens

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If you are tired of fighting for your teen to tidy up his bedroom, why not equip him with tote storage to make their task easier? Here are some ideas combining practicality and a trendy look that will encourage teenagers to put away their belongings. To initiate your teen to put a little order in his room, there are several possibilities, the idea being to privilege the facility of arrangement and accessories which harmonize well with the style of their room, that it is pop, romantic, inspired by New York or manga.

Parade of boxes

To start, do not hesitate to bet on storage boxes, without moderation! Indeed, they are the best allies of adolescents in terms of storage. Each box has its role: DVD box, electronic cable box, sock boxes, magazines or for work equipment. In addition, they are available in all styles: plain, patterned, fabric, basket style, plastic, colored, with or without cover, round, rectangular, square. We can vary the sizes so that they adapt more to any type of storage: from the shoe box size that we slide under the bed to the more imposing bins that we have within the box shelves. As such, do not hesitate to multiply the color of the boxes on the shelf, first of all to make it easier for your teenager, but also to create a juvenile scene.

Smart furniture

Also think of clever furniture that hides storage like poufs with a chest, or benches under which you hide pairs of shoes or boxes.

Storage space that frees the soil

And finally, there are the wall cupboards. A row of coat hooks will allow your teenager to arrange his jackets rather than letting them hang on the chair of his desk. The fabric shelves that hang from the ceiling are also popular with teens. Could it be the freestyle side of their floating pace in the air that attracts them, or simply the possibility of having a multitude of trinkets there without having to organize everything with rigidity? Anyway, it's an idea to take! Discover our selection of tote storage for teenagers: