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Rosa Solero® 'Korgeleflo' Rose from Globe Planter

Rosa Solero® 'Korgeleflo' Rose from Globe Planter

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Unique, this rose will only offer you happiness. Solero is very resistant to diseases, it flowers profusely, the flowers last a long time, it has a pretty shape and it is a rose with a sunny yellow flowering, hence its name, to be used without moderation, whatever the exposure from your garden or your balcony. This rose is part of the "unconstrained" collection, roses from the Kordes selections, intended as well for ornamentation of beds, as for cultivation in tubs or pots. Insensitive to diseases, easy to prune since it suffices to cut them into a "ball" so that they retain a perfect shape throughout the season, they offer generous and abundant blooms throughout the season and until frosts. Solero adapts to all terrains. This bushy rose is adorned from May to October with a multitude of bright yellow flowers in tight bouquets. Pruned in spring, it will develop harmoniously without invading the entire space since its height is limited to 80 cm for a diameter of 50 cm. Very resistant, it can withstand frosts down to - 20 ° C. Plant preferably in full sun.


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