Video: cutting a table in half to make a console

Video: cutting a table in half to make a console

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Practical and decorative, we like consoles to put a nice lamp, a vase or a few books. Yes, but have you ever thought of making one yourself? Rather than throwing away a slightly worn table, see how to transform it into a console gem that will amaze your guests!

Watch the video :

Level: way Completion time : 45 minutes Indicative cost: 40 € Necessary material : a mottled table + patina

Steps :

- Sand the half of the table - Saw the table in half - Reinforce the table structure with wood glue - Apply patina to the face of the table and the legs leaving the table top rough - Spread the patina on brush The decor tip: leave the console tray intact. Indeed, the mixture between the patinated feet and this raw tray will create a very trendy old / modern design. Shopping: IKEA flat woven rug, ecru Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi


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