The guitar makes the show in decoration

The guitar makes the show in decoration

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Tune the guitar to your decor! For rock'n roll or more classic atmospheres, discover our selection of cushions, stickers, stools or other decorative accessories. It's your turn !

So rock!

For addicts of rock'n roll and electric guitars, find a table in London colors, printed in high definition on a cotton canvas. On the online sales site , it is a sticker "Strat guitar" that you can customize with the colors of your choice and choose the size that best suits you. You will also fall for the pouffe spirit style Trendy-Tub , decorated by graphic designer and musician Julien Chantôme: the gothic rock .


The curves of the classical guitar inspire designers and allow to create more bohemian atmospheres than rock'n roll. In Silea , a guitar jumble will allow you to present your most beautiful photos. Also discover the brand's cushions The Little Undecided with pretty silver patterns.


The guitar interferes where it does not expect it! Toast to music with the ice cube set Cool jazz of Fred & Friends , shaped like a guitar, with a mixer handle. Drink the coffee in a handmade cup decorated with a blue guitar. Or light up like rock stars, with lamps whose base is a guitar.

Blue flower

Romantic spirits are also served, with guitar-shaped cushions in candy pink floral print fabric at Rice or with tart colors, striped, plain or checkered patterns at Go to your room . Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"