How to separate several spaces in a room?

How to separate several spaces in a room?

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The trend towards open spaces means that several functions are often found in the same room. But how to delimit the different spaces without dividing them too much? Here are some ideas depending on the configuration of your rooms.

An office in the living room

We will have to find a way to isolate you without locking you up. To do this, start by placing the desk in a corner or a recess in the living room to promote concentration. The best is to opt for a screen that can unfold when you work. Some models even have the faculty of insulating in a phonic way.

Two bedrooms in one room

This is often a problem that we find in children's rooms. So to separate the spaces, the best is to opt for two colors on the walls in order to allocate a space to each. Do not hesitate to place an open library in the center so that the two children can have a little privacy.

A dressing room in a bedroom

If you dream of an independent dressing room and it is in your room you will have to be tricky! In this case, we will have to create a real separation. For this, opt for a large screen, a large curtain or Japanese walls. However, choose something light enough not to suffocate the room. Discover our selection to separate two spaces. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"