Sorting objective: let's empty the cupboards to get back to basics

Sorting objective: let's empty the cupboards to get back to basics

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The cupboards are filled with various objects without anyone noticing. However, if we took the time to empty the cabinets, we would realize that we are not using everything. Yes, accumulation leads to unnecessary clutter. So not to be overwhelmed, visually and morally, we force ourselves a little, we empty the cupboards, we go back to basics.

Why empty?

Who says accumulations of business says clutter and disorder: crammed cupboards where it is difficult to store new purchases while at the bottom of each closet, there are many things that we have stopped using since long time. Including damaged or defective items that we have kept "in case" we take the time to repair them. Result: we do not empty as much as we buy, an imbalance that prevents the dressing room, the sideboard or the console are well clear and tidy. But disorder plays a harmful role in the unconscious. Just as it visually clutters space, it also clogs the mind and makes our lives more difficult. It's a fact, an optimal lifestyle also involves sorting out your belongings, for an interior that breathes and airy storage.

How to go about sorting?

If we postpone the step "I sort" until the overflow of business and objects is no longer livable, it is above all because we think we are emotionally or morally attached. So that this feeling, sometimes wrong, does not prevent us from making room, we must proceed piece by piece, cupboard by cupboard and ask the right questions. It is a question of wondering about the usefulness and the importance that represent to us this piece of furniture, this clothing, this device or this trinket. What do we really need at home, what could we happen ? And we end up concluding that such jeans or such collection of books would be more suitable for the little cousin, and we discover that the cables piled up at the bottom of the drawer no longer correspond to any device existing in the house.

And after ?

Even if it means getting rid of a few things, you might as well share them with others around you (family, friends) or make a gesture of charity. Many associations, such as Secours populaire or Emmaüs, can donate clothing and accessories. The option to sell on websites (eBay,, etc.) is also a solution to consider in order to recover some money…