A decoration explorer like Sydney Fox, the adventurer

A decoration explorer like Sydney Fox, the adventurer

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Adopt an explorer decoration for your interior like the series "Sydney Fox, the adventurer". Constantly looking for lost treasures or antiques, you can opt for an ethnic and original decoration in order to create a unique and atypical universe.

A decoration between adventure and new horizons

Lovers of thrills and trips around the earth, do not hesitate to dress your interior with a decoration inspired by the countries of Asia or Africa. For this, turn to solid teak furniture, for example, to set up an explorer style. For a colonial and exotic atmosphere, opt for wooden and leather furniture. The leather look for the chairs or armchairs will create a refined and elegant atmosphere. Brown or aged brown, the furniture dressed in this natural and noble material will assure you a sophisticated decoration. Find a comfortable and vintage style in your rooms with furniture combining the exotic look of teak and the nobility of leather. For a warm and friendly atmosphere, take inspiration from the richness of noble materials. Escape to the end of the world with a decor tinged with unique and aesthetic furniture and decorative elements. Evocative of an imagined and imaginary elsewhere, the exotic style favors noble products in shades of brown and objects inviting to travel in order to transport the passionate of adventure in an atypical and mysterious universe. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"