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Video: a garden furniture according to your style

Video: a garden furniture according to your style

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To settle in the garden, nothing like the garden furniture but you still have to find the right one! We suggest you discover 4 styles to choose the furniture that suits you. If you like clean lines and original furniture, you will no doubt opt ​​for the designer style living room. With its red color, it energizes the garden and offers a very trendy whole within the space. Conversely, if you prefer a more retro touch, turn to rattan and its friendly lines. To bring a touch of modernity, we choose more current colors such as black and red to install this furniture in a contemporary garden. If you are in a pop mood, then you will dare to color! Metal garden furniture is ideal for this because it can take many colors. For this summer, we are putting on a flashy shade like fuchsia pink which will bring a lot of cheerfulness to your garden. For a country garden where nature is in the spotlight, we turn to the toile de Jouy. This classic fabric then dresses the cushions of garden furniture to give it a bucolic charm! Discover the garden furniture on video.


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