For an African atmosphere like Beijing Express

For an African atmosphere like Beijing Express

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You have the soul of an adventurer, opt for an exotic and ethnic decoration for your interior. Travel while staying at home for a trip to Africa like the participants of the game "Beijing Express". Enjoy the colorful and geometric prints for your home textiles in order to get away from it all.

Embark for Africa

In order to recreate an African atmosphere in your living room, do not hesitate to decorate it with atypical furniture such as leather and wooden storage chests or poufs in aged brown leather for example. The exotic and elegant style will enhance the warm and friendly side of your interior. You will be able to appreciate the best of African decoration for an escape to this magnificent and bewitching continent. The charm of the tribal decoration, composed of wooden elephants, statuettes or ethnic masks will make you travel to the land of the big cats in an atmosphere tinged with mystery and beauty. Let yourself be seduced by this atmosphere and create a decoration placed under the sign of a unique and precious elsewhere. You will be able to project yourself into the African savannah surrounded by marvelous and fantastic animals. Colorful and inhabited by a particular essence, the decoration inspired by Africa will give you the opportunity to recreate a warm atmosphere. To create an African style in your interior, it is important to make the colors of the savannah coexist with the warm tones of the setting sun. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"