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Interview with designer Chantal Thomass

Interview with designer Chantal Thomass

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At a time when feminists were burning their bra, the very young designer of the brand from the 70s << Ter and Bantine >>, made a name for herself by creating a line of feminine, sexy and sassy lingerie. Today with spirit, grace, refinement and humor, the French designer Chantal Thomass revisits the frou-frou universe of eighteenth century boudoirs and cabarets, multiplies collaborations and seduces us with everything she touches…

For 25 years, the Chantal Thomass brand has imposed its style in the world of lingerie but also in other varied universes such as aesthetic products, accessories or furniture. Explain to us why such a success…

Chantal Thomass: I think it's because I have a very personal style that has been refined over the years. The spirit being very feminine, I favor the ranges of colors like pink and black and of materials that I prefer which adapt and recognize themselves in a multitude of fields.

In your creations, we find a lot of this acute sense of refinement, materials and details. Where do you find this constantly renewed inspiration for your collections?

Chantal Thomass: I find it everywhere! It can be in an exhibition, a movie or a book. I love going to the old and then creating new. For example, in fabrics, I take pleasure in going around museums to find old lace that I will later transform into contemporary material. I believe that what inspires me for my creations is the curiosity to always undertake something new ...

Recently, a collaboration was born with the brand TRECA. What did you like about the idea of ​​creating beds?

Chantal Thomass: First, you should know that I like to work in other worlds than lingerie, provided that it corresponds at the same time to what I like and to the image of the brand. For me, the bed represents privacy, which can be combined with underwear as well as with the bedroom. The bedding being a very tempting adventure, I would like to push the adventure even in the design of sheets. In fact, I like to go in search of new worlds…

How did you imagine this collection and how would you characterize it?

Chantal Thomass: Often, for my projects, I first think of what would make me happy. I then completely designed the collection << Pleasure is a bed of roses  >> in detail, to offer women sassy and feminine achievements. I drew a heart, because a bed is still an object designed for the happiness of lovers, I added a knot because it reflects the code of the brand and I opted for chaise lounges because they offer an asymmetrical and cozy side. I also had fun making little feet with heels, because the feet of the beds are always sad! I am really delighted with the result.

What colors and moods do you like most in general?

Chantal Thomass: I have a passion for pastel colors with a clear preference for pink which, I find, brings together certain virtues: it is a color that gives good looks, makes you beautiful and above all highlights. I often contrast it with black, white or gray which is a color that I particularly like. In my country house, I have chosen color tones that range from pinkish gray to bluish gray and from mauve pink to more orange salmon pink. I am enough to combine styles because it creates places where you can breathe, rest and especially relax.

What is the ideal home for you?

Chantal Thomass: The ideal house is one in which one is happy to return in the evening and which one reluctantly leaves in the morning. This is what I feel when I go to my country house… I have only one haste, it is to open the door and when I have to close it, I am sad.


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