Playful storage suited to the child's room

Playful storage suited to the child's room

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Because in toddlers, the bedroom is synonymous with a playground, let's not delay introducing them to storage! Thanks to playful and colorful furniture and accessories, worthy of their imaginary universe, putting away comforters, socks and Lego bricks becomes child's play. Disturb then put away. This is the rule to be observed so that the bedroom is not an eternal battlefield… Still, it is necessary that the storage spaces are adapted to small sizes and that they reflect the universe of intrepid little ones. Here are 4 smart solutions to make the youngest want to put their business and games in order!

Playful and colorful furniture

Tucked against the wall, the box shelves are ideal for creating a handy bookcase for little ones or for storing jigsaw puzzles, board games and kaplas. The right idea? Compose the shelf yourself by aligning several cubes of different colors: the acidulous tones energize the space and awaken the senses of the little ones. If you want to push the playful side further, you have a wide choice. Whether it's wardrobes or desks in the shape of animals, treasure chests or trunks adorned with children's idols (Dora, Disney characters, pirates, princesses…) or a library on casters that the you can move like a car or a stroller: this is something to invite your cherubim to put away in an air of fantasy, good humor and play.


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