Video: 5 ideas to create a Zen garden

Video: 5 ideas to create a Zen garden

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To escape the tumult of urban life, the garden appears as a real refuge. And for a soothing moment, nothing like a Zen garden that will allow you to relax in your natural space. To help you create a Zen garden at home, follow our 5 tips. A Zen garden? These words transport us immediately to Asia and we almost feel the wisdom of the thoughts of this continent invading us. You should know that when you opt for a Zen garden, you will build it according to the precepts of Feng Shui which recommend the balance of elements. Thus, the hardness of the stone will for example be compensated by the softness of the water. To create a Zen garden in your home, do not hesitate to use elements that evoke the philosophy of Zen. We can use pebbles on the floor, bamboo to structure the spaces and a fountain to bring a natural touch. Regarding the vegetation, we can again turn to bamboo but we will also bet on shrubs like boxwood that we will cut into round and harmonious shapes. Finally, choose sleek furniture that will recall Yin and Yang, the perfect balance. Discover in video how to create a Zen garden!


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