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A fireside chair for an extra bed

A fireside chair for an extra bed

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Traditionally, the fireside chair is a low seat to sit by the fire. Today, the driver designates a very low chair which transforms into an extra bed. This is an ideal accessory to create a living room in a teenage bedroom.

A living room in the bedroom

When teens aspire to own their studio, why not set up a real living room in their bedroom where they can watch TV and receive their friends? Thanks to the fireside chair, teens will have a real mini sofa at their disposal. Comfortable and soft, the chair adapts particularly to the needs of teens, whether it is to settle down to play video games, watch TV or read before taking a nap.

A real extra bed

When your teen wants to receive friends and take advantage of the evening to talk for hours, the fireside chair transforms into an extra bed on the floor, to be installed in the bedroom. In one or two-seater version, it will suffice to unfold the fireside chair to transform it into a bed. And when the good weather arrives, we transport the fireside chair in the garden to sunbathe! Discover our selection of fireside chairs.