A decoration for Rabbids fans

A decoration for Rabbids fans

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The notoriety of Rabbids has greatly exceeded that of the video game! Beyond their adventures, they regularly make appearances in very funny television commercials, so why not invite them into your decor?

What are Rabbids?

Rabbids are from the moon and are known to be vicious and completely stupid! Periodically, they have some kind of madness attacks during which their eyes turn red and they cry. Their adventures begin in the video game Rayman against the rabbids before they have their own game The Rabbids: the big adventure where the developers have bet on the quirky humor of the characters.

And in the decoration?

To create a decor like the Rabbids, you just have to find one of the many objects with their effigy. You will find posters and stickers representing rabbits in situations all the funnier than the others: in dancer, in swimsuit, in sailor, in prisoner, in gladiator ... To give to your interior the spirit of the video game , do not hesitate to create a very quirky and fun spirit as are the characters. Among the essential objects, do not forget the suction cup, one of their favorite objects and place a representation of the moon from which they originate. Discover our decorative selection for Rabbids fans: