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Candles with organic essential oils

Candles with organic essential oils

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To give a very decorative atmosphere to your interior while preserving nature and your health, there are natural candles with organic essential oils. Presentation.

Handmade candles

La lumière des fées offers vegetable candles with essential oils made in France in Nice by a decoration enthusiast, Rachel Herbert. To bring a warm light into your interior while perfuming it with a sweet scent, candles are ideal. The items are handcrafted with great concern for quality. The wax is 100% natural and vegetable and the wick is 100% cotton. The candle will give you 15 hours of light.

Organic fragrances

The scented candles are available in ten scents, from the most discreet to the most original. You will thus find a lavender, orange-lemongrass, pine, pine-lavandin-verbena or even ylang-ylang and even Moroccan cedar scent. Each candle uses organic essential oils to respect the environment and the health of the user. The candles are on sale at a price of 7.90 euros. > More info on Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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