Customize a chair

Customize a chair

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Give a second life to an old chair by customizing it. To help you, here are 5 ideas of home made creations that are easy to reproduce. Get inspired and play!

A rejuvenated wooden chair

Do your wooden chairs look old and worn? Do not throw them away but restore them using a sander. Do not forget to dust and clean the surfaces beforehand. Once the stripping is finished, you can apply a thin layer of paint or varnish to give a new look to your chair. At Dremel, the Multi-Max is suitable for dry sanding on the surface of corners and edges of wood.

A fifties-style chair

On the creative leisure site, fill up on good ideas! Create a chair inspired by the 1950s by painting it, then photocopy patterns and glue them to Decopatch. That's it !

A polka dot children's chair

To bring a personal touch to a simple plain piece of furniture, take inspiration from the idea of ​​creative leisure specialist Fiskars. With the help of cutting templates, a cutter and brightly colored adhesives, arrange car patterns and peas on a chair.

A repainted chair

Painting a slightly dull chair can be an easy and effective solution. At Bosch, you will find in particular a portable spray gun PFS 55 ideal for carrying out small jobs, which guarantees a fine application of paint. Here, a chair in acid colors so trendy.

A flowered lounge chair

Bring a flowery touch to a plain lounge chair, inspired by the Fiskars creation. Cut out the shapes using stencils in a thin iron-on canvas. Arrange them on the canvas by pinning them. Remove the canvas from the lounge chair and lay it flat. Then spray the reverse side of each shape and fix it with a hot iron, interposing with absorbent paper for 60 seconds. And There you go ! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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