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Rice Cube: your rice squared

Rice Cube: your rice squared

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Rubik's Cube, Apéricube and Tetris lovers will tell you: nothing beats good right angles! I would add: reality TV shows can improve the world (Oh yes! I'm going strong). It all started with a MasterChef broadcast in Australia. One of the candidates, Ross Pattern, wanted to impress the jury with an innovative dish presentation. He then decided to create a mold called Rice Cube. The success was so great during the show that Ross Pattern eventually commercialized the Rice Cub, first in Australia and now worldwide. I'm not going to marinate you any longer (even with spices): the Rice Cube is the revolution squared! We will "square" our plates and, above all, the sushi!

Isn't it downright beautiful? In addition to that, Rice Cube will reconcile all sushi lovers who have never dared to put their hands to the bamboo mat because of the second left hand. Just watch the video to understand that the Rice Cube is as simple as a game of Tetris! Source: To celebrate, I think I'm going to go to the hairdresser to make me a bob cut!