How to choose your hammock ?

How to choose your hammock ?

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If we let ourselves be lulled by the mild summer, comfortably nestled in a hammock ... Let the holidays, the sun and the indolent pleasures of the South American hammock enter our garden, on a balcony or in the house. We offer, to all lovers of idleness, an overview of the wonderful world of hammocks!

Solo or with others

For solo sailors, you will find models designed for one person. Note, however, that the larger the hammock, the more comfortable it is, because you can sit on it diagonally. So preferably choose a model for two people. There are also models for several people, for lounging with the family (family Mexican hammock on for 89 euros)!

With or without support

The classic hammock is a canvas or net suspended between two anchor points, to hang between two trees, two sections of wall, two beams or to hang on a wooden or metal support (metal hammock support at Castorama in 130 euros). Pratique, Nature et Découvertes offers a kit for hanging the hammock, with a complete system of hooks, pegs and carabiners (22.90 euros).

Everyone has their own hammock!

The hammock is available in a chair version, with a single attachment point (Tinga chair on at 65 euros) or in an ultra-light travel hammock version (outdoor model on at 31.65 euros). Infants also have their hammock! Their back is very slightly curved, as in their mother's womb and they love it (Koala hammock on at 69.90 euros).

What material ?

Most hammocks are cotton. You will find mostly organic cotton models, especially at Nature et Découvertes, but also on the side of the Botanica, Amazonas and La Siesta brands (Amazonas hammock at 27.90 euros and La Siesta at 59.90 euros on There are also hammocks in ventilated mesh for hot summer days (models 79.90 euros on At Alinéa, you will succumb to the temptation of an exotic hammock in woven bamboo (135 euros).

The design hammock

A simple hanging fabric? Not really for designers, who reinvent the hammock and transform it into a design object. As for the Fatboy brand, the Headdemock hammock is available in flashy colors and its polyester material ensures practical cleaning. Its mattress is padded, for a very appreciable comfort and it can support up to three people! XXL format also at Leaf, with a hammock in very designer composite material, which allows maximum flexibility for the user. At Royal Botania, you dare excess with the Wave hammock, equipped with a shell to protect yourself from the sun (in small photo). If you are still looking for a hammock, discover our selection of hammocks in the shop.