Insulate my house from the outside

Insulate my house from the outside

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According to an Ipsos survey carried out in October 2010, the French are not looking for square meters for their accommodation but for an improvement in their comfort. And among their concerns, the insulation of housing takes an important place. This is undoubtedly why exterior insulation is developing. Presentation. Insulating a house remains crucial because it acts on comfort but also on energy savings and financial savings. It is indeed the insulation which prevents heat loss in the house and which allows to consume less heating. If interior insulation accounts for 90% of insulation work, exterior insulation tends to develop because it has certain advantages. It consists in applying, on the existing wall, an insulator which one covers with a coating which protects it and which will finish the facade of your house. You should know that insulation from the outside is very effective because it treats a greater number of thermal bridges than traditional insulation. It can be used in construction as well as in renovation, but its cost remains quite high, especially in renovation, because the facade must be taken into account. However, insulating from the outside is much less restrictive because it does not require moving during the work. This does not reduce your living space in any way. But for cost reasons, the ideal is to design this type of isolation from construction. Note that it will cost you between 60 and 200 euros per m² excluding tax of equipment. To help you, this type of work benefits from a tax credit of 25% on the cost of the material until December 31, 2012. Also note that the insulation from the inside is part of the eco-loan at zero rate. This system thus makes it possible to finance up to 30,000 euros of energy improvement works on a main residence built before 1990. Did you know? It is important to make a declaration or a request for a building permit in your town hall because the interventions on the facades are controlled for urban planning questions. Check with your town hall before starting operations.


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