Origami: the candy dish, on video

Origami: the candy dish, on video

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Today the editorial staff offers you an original and very decorative folding: the cup. Original and clever origami that will surprise more than one and make a sensation on your table decor. Beware of appearances, this cup can sometimes hide treasures. Level: way. Paper type: flexible to semi-rigid (not too thick in order to be able to mark the angles). Completion time : 17 minutes. Steps : - Take a square sheet of paper. - Fold down the 4 points in the center. - Fold the upper edge towards the center and do the same with the lower edge. - Flatten the tip. - Repeat the operation on the opposite side. - Fold the bottom tip over the middle tip by opening it. - Fold the tip down. - Fold the tip from the top towards the center, opening in the same way as above. - Fold this point down. - Open the 2 points of the center of the fold then fold the end. The little extra decoration: the idea is to vary the sizes to surprise your guests each time the cup is opened. You can also create different bowls for each, to present on the plates of the guests. A big thank you to Amandine Dardenne author of Origami (Tana editions). Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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