Christmas tree: natural or artificial?

Christmas tree: natural or artificial?

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Difficult to choose between an artificial tree and a natural tree ... Lifespan, maintenance, ecological spirit or 100% recycled, the criteria are numerous and make the choice sometimes complex. Dé takes care to present you the strong and weak points of these models to target the best alternative!

The key criteria

- The design of the tree - The olfactory aspect - The maintenance - After Christmas

1. The design of the tree

If there is one property a size criterion with which we do not mess, it is the appearance of the tree! Whether you like it small, large, small or well stocked, the latter takes all forms to suit everyone. And if Mother Nature offers us a multitude of possibilities with natural trees, the artificial version is just as rich in diversity. Regarding colors or sizes, artificial trees multiply the details to adapt to everyone's desires and even allow you to get a "snowy" tree in the middle of the living room. 1 point everywhere!

2. The olfactory aspect

The smell of fir is in winter what the flavor of barbecues is in summer - a sweet fragrance that for some is an integral part of this festive season. We therefore naturally favor the real conifer to enjoy this singular scent that perfumes the house. However, be aware that there are now interior fragrances specially designed to be sprayed on artificial trees. A clever compromise that allows you to rediscover the much-desired olfactory atmosphere for an evening. 2 - 1 for Mother Nature

3. The interview

Who says plants often says daily maintenance. The natural tree therefore forces its owners to choose a place at room temperature to preserve it for as long as possible. We therefore avoid placing a natural tree near a window or a radiator to avoid temperature variations that promote the loss of thorns. And if you don't want to pick up the thorns during the entire holiday season, the best option is the artificial tree! Equality…

4. After Christmas

The bud season quickly arrived after the gift period… The question arises of the fir tree and more precisely of its future destination. Artificial fir? No problem, this festive accessory can be stored with garlands and other Christmas balls while waiting wisely for the next visit of the famous red man. But what about natural firs? To avoid the trash several options are available to you: - Compost - Firewood - Planting the tree Draw !


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