4 good reasons to opt for a black floor

4 good reasons to opt for a black floor

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Synonymous with elegance and timelessness, black in all its nuances is the ideal shade for those who want a floor covering with character. Black is a master on herringbone parquet in Haussmannian interiors but he also knows how to play it modern, graphic or even cozy and natural. In short, the dark floor coverings have not finished surprising us and we prove it to you with these 4 good reasons to opt for a black floor.

1. Because black is versatile

Timeless and timeless, black spans the ages and adapts to all interior styles. And as the famous French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent said, "there is no black man but black people". Graphite, slate, concrete, macadam, coal, bistre ... So many nuances to adopt black on the ground. As for the material of the flooring, it all depends on the character you want to give to your room. The Haussmann-style apartments will set their sights on a black painted chevron parquet floor while the loft-style interiors will crack for a dark waxed concrete floor! Fans of modern and contemporary decoration can bet on black tiles. And for fans of natural and cozy decoration, there are even black cork floors!

2. Because a black floor attracts everyone's attention

Impossible to miss it, when black invests the floor of a house, it inevitably attracts all eyes. It must be said, this deep and intense nuance does not lack character. And very often, it is used to contrast with lighter wall coverings. But black is also the ideal shade to give depth and a whole new perspective to your interior. Resolutely chic and elegant, black is a real mark of distinction. If most of the time, black is solid, we also like it when it is adorned with patterns to create a graphic floor. Like this bathroom where the floor is in black and white checkerboard, offering a striking contrast with the rest of the room…

3. Because it can enlarge a room

There is a tendency to believe that black has the effect of shrinking and darkening a room. In reality, it is quite different. Contrary to popular belief, black can visually enlarge a given space. In practice, if black walls tend to shrink a room, a dark floor covering combined with light walls can give the impression of a larger space. You have understood, the secret lies in the combination of the colors of the walls and the floor. In the same way, a dark ceiling matched with a dark floor and combined with white walls, are to be preferred to give the feeling of a wider and less high room.

4. Because it delimits spaces

You want a black floor covering but you don't dare the total look? How about using black in small touches? Rather than a plain black floor, you can choose to diversify the floor coverings in one piece. In this way, you can use a two-tone floor covering to define the spaces of your interior. In this modern kitchen, for example, large slabs of anthracite tiles have been laid along the kitchen, contrasting with the raw parquet floor where the dining area is located. Enough to offer a play of materials and colors to your room while delimiting the different spaces and functions of the latter. A tip that can be reproduced in any room of the house: to delimit the office space of the living room, the dressing area of ​​a bedroom, the bathroom of a master bedroom and many more…


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