5 rules to follow to properly arrange your home extension

5 rules to follow to properly arrange your home extension

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Making an extension to enlarge the surface of the house is good. Know how to optimize it, even better! From decoration tips to work tips, we tell you all about the details to take into account when planning a home extension.

1. Think about the development of the extension upstream

No, the development of a house extension is not the final stage of the work… On the contrary, it must be taken into account during planning to avoid unpleasant surprises on arrival! We take the time to think about the future arrangement of the furniture, whether it be an extension of the kitchen, a new bedroom or an extension of the living room: it is precisely this organization thought up in advance that will allow to properly place the water, electricity or ventilation inlets. Especially if the project concerns the extension of the kitchen or a bathroom!

2. Respect continuity with the house in the extension

Everything is in the name, a house extension has the role of increasing the interior surface. The goal is therefore to give the impression that it has always been there, or at least that it is perfectly in its place. Clear ? Unless voluntary and assumed, we harmonizes the new extension with the existing space, in particular that which it extends: floor covering, color of the walls, style of decoration, choice of the type of windows etc. And the principle is also valid outside: unless you want to play on contrasts, we harmonize the new coating with the old.

3. Think traffic in the house

Larger space usually changes the circulation of the room, or even the house. For example ? Adding a bedroom in the wrong place may require going through the kitchen to access the bathroom, while enlarging the living room can make a huge room too open for some tastes. Again, we think as soon as possible about facilities to be provided, whether it is enclosures, partitions, canopies, corridors ... or even a larger extension to fit a bathroom!

4. Bring light into an extension of a house

Most house extensions do not have very high ceilings, making it essential light optimization. We therefore use all the tricks of the genre to bring in, ricochet and diffuse natural light! From the planning stage, we think of windows and bay windows, while taking into account the orientation of the extension project to estimate its future brightness. Once in the development phase, we install mirrors to reflect the light, and we increase the number of suspensions, recessed spots and auxiliary lamps as needed.

5. Respect the structure of the extension

Because you don't build an aluminum and glass veranda in the same way or a dining room extension with wooden cladding! If the house extension harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the house, no contraindication. For those who choose the modernity of the contrast, on the other hand, it is better to follow a minimum the style of the facade and the volumes, even by touches: minimalism with a concrete structure, raw materials with a wooden cladding, natural decoration with a veranda open to the outside…