Soundproofing: how to limit noise at home?

Soundproofing: how to limit noise at home?

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Identify noises to choose the right soundproofing

Because there is noise and noise, to limit the discomfort, we start by identifying the culprit. In accommodation, there are noises from outside, the noises of the neighbors and the noises of the interior: in other words, the sounds of the cars or work in the street, that of the neighbors who walk or quarrel and that of the children who watch TV ... or quarrel!

In the first case, we will not lie to you, we will have to start sound insulation works of the accommodation itself to limit noise pollution. In the second, we can just attack walls and ceilings. In the latter case, we try a few easy tips before moving on to the big jobs!

Soundproofing without work

If the discomfort comes from the inside, we can consider limit noise with some easy-to-use tips. First option, we modify the layout to avoid sticking the bed against the wall of the children's room ... or to arrange the children's room at the other end of the house.

Second option, we put on the furniture and accessories for reduce or limit noise pollution : thick curtains or large fluffy carpets can do wonders for dampening sound, while creating a cozy atmosphere. And some are even specialized, like phonic curtains!

Third option? We are reviewing the arrangement of the furniture. A library on a whole wall of walls filled with books constitutes an additional wall to cut the sounds!

Interior soundproofing

If the neighbors are making their own or the children are stamping upstairs, it is time to consider small jobs. Do not panic, there is nothing to break and the result doubles with a nice decorative renovation! For party walls or too thin partitions, we think of wall coverings. There are sound insulation paints capable of attenuating noise, as well as a string of soundproofing coverings in tiles or rolls, more or less decorative, to stick to the wall without major work.

Same thing for the floor, a good layer of lino or PVC tiles does wonders, for style as for sound! We choose a thick flooring covering the acoustic qualities indicated on the description, imitation wood, tiles, cement tiles ... Parquet can offer even more spectacular results when it is laid on an insulating underlay or on joists. And in any case, these small jobs can be done without the intervention of a professional, with a little elbow grease.

The soundproofing of the accommodation

If the noises of the street are invited inside, this time, we will have to think about investing. The soundproofing works are heavier, but the result is worth it: not only will they increase the value of housing, but some may even be subject to financial assistance. The windows, especially, since old windows let everything pass, the noise like the cold. Replacing them with PVC windows will soundproof the home and improve its thermal insulation, work subject to a tax credit.

Most insulation works also offer a thermal and acoustic efficiency, and the insulation of the attic also generates a tax credit. It is also possible to insulate the walls of the house, from the inside as well as the outside, to add an insulating acoustic screed on the floors, to double the ceilings or the partition walls to limit the noise… but be careful , except handymen · s of genius, we call on professionals! The work will not only be better done, but above all guaranteed.


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