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How to do the painting does not overflow on the next wall?

How to do the painting does not overflow on the next wall?

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Question from Patrice


Answer: use painter's tape in the corners to "isolate" the paintings and start by painting the dark color

Hello Patrice, you want to paint adjoining walls in two different colors. To prevent one of the colors from overlapping the other, you just have to start by painting the taupe wall (the darkest). Once completely dry, you will put painter's tape along the edge (in the corner) of the wall painted in taupe so that you can paint the wall lighter in ivory and thus protect the dark wall from any overflow. Once you have finished painting the ivory wall and before it is completely dry, you can remove the painter's tape. If however, you had small ivory overflows on the taupe paint, take a small brush for touch-ups. The rendering of this painting method will be clean and neat! You too, send us your decoration question