The workshop canopy: 8 things to know about this trendy product!

The workshop canopy: 8 things to know about this trendy product!

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1. The workshop canopy partitions without enclosing

And that's why the decor loves it so much: the workshop canopy allows you to create a partition without losing space or brightness. It is strong enough to lean against a sofa in the living room or transform into a headboard in a bedroom, and it lets in light to illuminate the dressing room, the en-suite bathroom or the adjacent hallway.

2. A workshop canopy also serves as insulation

The insulated workshop canopy less than a real wall, certainly, but still contains the smells of cooking in the kitchen or the sound of guests in the living room. A good idea to close the living room without transforming the corridor into a dark airlock, for example, or to avoid saturating a studio with the smells of the kitchen at each meal!

3. A workshop canopy is not necessarily made of steel

The traditional workshop canopies combine steel uprights with glass bends, but modern versions can adopt different materials to adapt to interior design constraints. The majority of indoor glass roofs today have lighter aluminum uprights, and there are even versions with wooden or PVC uprights.

4. A workshop canopy can partition a room without a window

This is even one of its specialties, since the workshop canopy lets the light through. Result, we gladly install it in a studio or a small apartment to create a real bedroom while keeping the light that enters the main room! As for preserving privacy, just opt ​​for frosted glass.

5. We can put workshop canopies in all rooms

If it is ultra-trendy in the living room or to partition an entrance, the workshop canopy is now found in all rooms, including humid, from the bathroom to the kitchen! There are even glass canopy shower screens workshop to give style to an Italian shower. One simply thinks of inquiring about materials and treatments to ensure that the partition is durable.

6. The workshop canopy can integrate a door

Not only can it integrate one door, or even several, but it can even transform into a door! Depending on the configuration and the use intended for the workshop canopy, you can use the glass wall as a single sliding door or choose to integrate hinged doors. The advantage? Closed, they blend into the structure until they become invisible.

7. The workshop canopy is a decorative element

If the workshop canopy is industrial style Originally, it blends easily with most of the current decor styles, especially since it is enough to change the material or color to change the atmosphere! The wooden canopy is softer, the white canopy more discreet ... In any case, it lightens and modernizes the decor with its minimalist look.

8. The workshop canopy is available as a tailor-made kit

The workshop canopy in kit is cheaper and can be assembled yourself with good DIY skills. The custom-made canopy costs more but allows the format to be adapted to any configuration to optimize space and save square meters!


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