Heat your home well: what temperature for each room?

Heat your home well: what temperature for each room?

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1. The balance between thermal comfort and energy savings

Finding the ideal temperature depends on many criteria. Depending on our age and our living conditions, we do not all have the same notion of thermal comfort. Thermal insulation should not be taken lightly since it would have influences on the humidity level of an interior as well as on air circulation.

However, the heating needs of a home should not be overestimated. For the planet as for our wallets, it is our duty to ensure that we save energy. Especially when you know that a single additional degree can increase the bill by 7%! You understand, finding the right temperature is finding a balance between thermal comfort and energy savings.

2. Legal temperature

In the eyes of the law, all accommodation must be able to obtain an average temperature of 19 ° C. It is the Construction and Housing Code which defines this obligation in articles R. 111-6 and R.113-29. Attention, it is a legal minimum, not vital! This does not mean that your interior must be heated to at least 19 ° C but it does indicate that your accommodation must have the capacity to be heated to 19 ° C minimum.

3. What temperatures for which rooms?

In an attempt to reconcile comfort and respect for the environment, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) has defined the ideal temperatures for each room in the house.

Thus, it is recommended to heat all living rooms, ie the living room, the dining room and the kitchen area, to an ambient temperature of 19 ° C. In the rooms, Ademe advises between 16 and 17 ° C. Knowing that the heat affects the quality of sleep, the duvet should be enough to warm up. Only children's or baby's bedrooms are an exception since their thermal regulations are not as effective as those of adults. Prefer a temperature between 18 and 20 ° C.

The heat record is dedicated to the bathroom. When this part is used, the expected temperature is 22 ° C. The rest of the time, 19 ° C is enough. As for the little used rooms, it is the opposite! The entrance, the corridors, the toilets and other openings are the rooms that will allow you to save energy by forecasting only 17 ° C of temperature. Finally, unoccupied rooms such as the cellar and the garage can be content with 14 ° C temperature according to Ademe.

4. Tools to save energy

To keep control over the temperatures of your rooms and avoid wasting energy, nothing like a thermostat! It is best to invest in a programmer with which you can choose which room to heat and at what time of the day. It is particularly appreciable for the room at sunrise or to heat the bathroom before using it! And the advantage is that you can even control it remotely! To go further, you can even invest in an outdoor sensor which allows you to adapt the indoor temperature according to the weather.


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