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Bosch enhances home appliances

Bosch enhances home appliances

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Cutting-edge technological performance and efficient design is the winning combination put into practice by Bosch. The German brand surprises us once again with its new range of household appliances with a sober look, but especially by the technical revolutions present in its devices. The reliability of the brand is no longer to be proven and strengthens the reputation of products from across the Rhine. Washing machines, cooktops, refrigerators and ovens become the new objects of desire!

75 years of state-of-the-art household appliances

The Bosch brand was born 126 years ago in Stuttgart, Germany. Its founder Robert Bosch opened his first workshop in precision mechanics and electrical engineering, with the help of an employee and an apprentice. Over the decades, Bosch built its reputation in the automotive world before diversifying 50 years later into household appliances and tools for the home and garden.

Preserving the environment, a priority

The German brand has made eco-responsibility its workhorse. Respecting the environment and using natural resources responsibly and economically represent the best way for the company to participate in the preservation of the planet. Its commitment is reflected in the manufacture of devices that consume little energy and their recycling at 95%. The WWF association also praised Bosch's initiatives by recommending its products to consumers.

Small and large appliances

The Bosch range of home appliances has gradually grown to form a complete collection for today's needs and requirements. Ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers now adopt a sober and design look. The last two collections - Black Collection and Glassline - have been clearly designed to this end; The household appliances are adorned with new colors and blend with the furniture, for a harmonious and contemporary cuisine. Small appliances are no exception and are taking up the challenge launched by Bosch: technologies for life. The German brand has bet on an efficient and timeless design, resulting in devices that are exhibited with pleasure on its work plan. Latest in its category: the Tassimo multi-drink coffee machine, with brita filter. Customizable, available in several trendy colors, it concentrates what Bosch does best: beautiful and solid.


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