How to choose the right pallet cushions?

How to choose the right pallet cushions?

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Define the type of use

You have just made a new sofa in pallets, nice! It is best to find a comfortable seat to fully enjoy your new achievement. The first thing to do is to define if the sofa will be installed indoors or outdoors. If we see a lot on the terraces or in the gardens, we find more and more in the interiors as extra or main sofa. In any case, sitting on pallets is far from comfortable, we agree.

Choose the right material

Once the use is defined, you will know more about the material to be favored. For a pleasant touch, a comfortable seat and an aesthetic rendering, the fabric quality is an essential element in the choice of your cushions. Whether polyester, leather or suede, your cushions should be strong to withstand sitting and time. They must also be easy to clean especially if you have young children or pets…

Find the perfect shade

Surely the most interesting aspect in the choice of your cushions but also the longest. Indeed, there are so many models in different colors, patterns, shapes and materials that the choice may be complicated ... Opt for cushions in shades to match the decoration of your room, so that they are in harmony with the rest. You can mix the colors by starting for example on a duo or a trio of 3 shades, but always in the spirit of the room. For example, choose the seats in one color, the backrests in another and the small decorative cushions in a third color. And for those who prefer sober and chic shades, prefer white, gray, deep blue, dark green, brown or black.

Take the dimensions

To choose the right cushions, you must take the measurements of its pallets (width and length). Indeed, if you buy your cushions without worrying about their size, you may have surprises! So if you do not want them to be too thin or on the contrary to protrude from all sides of your sofa, choose the right dimensions. If you made your sofa with so-called euro palettes (stronger), take cushions the same size as the latter, namely 120 x 40 cm or slightly thinner to reveal a border in pallets like the photo above. From a point of view aesthetics and comfort, choosing the right dimensions is therefore essential.

Try their comfort

A seat must imperatively be comfortable, otherwise you may not take full advantage of your new sofa. If it is too hard, you will not endure long to sit and conversely, if your cushions are too soft, you may sink into your sofa and worse, feel the rows of paddles under your buttocks . Not great, right? So take the time to test several types of cushions in specialty stores. Prefer a quilted cushion for optimal comfort and don't be stingy on the thickness ! The thicker the cushion, the softer the seat.

Prefer removable covers

If you have the opportunity to find removable cushions, don't hesitate for a second. If all the cushions are not, some models yes. This will make it easier for you when you want to wash them. If you can't find or don't want removable cushions, at least check that they can be hand washable.


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