Install a remote control switch

Install a remote control switch

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Installing a remote control switch is very simple: this device, placed on the distribution board, is essential for controlling the lighting of a large space (hall, corridor or staircase) with several push buttons. This is an ideal option if you choose to set up a back-and-forth system, for example. So, with some practical advice, it is possible for all individuals to install a remote control switch. In addition, these models are generally very inexpensive.

Established a network

Installing a remote control switch involves running several electrical cables and is therefore often an option considered during an installation, construction or major renovation. In order to do this, it will indeed be necessary to create grooves allowing the passage of electric cables. It is therefore advisable to carry out, first of all, a precise layout of the spans to be opened and a meticulous diagram of the electrical network which will be produced and submitted to the remote control switch.

One button, more control

The remote control switch allows much greater control of the light network in a room. Thanks to an external button controlling an entire circuit, the individual can have control over several lamps or several devices. This option can also be considered in the use of several pieces of equipment requiring high power on the same network. The great additional advantage in using the remote control switch is the certainty of completely cutting off the power supply and therefore of being sure to save money. However, it is of course necessary to pay particular attention to blowing up the entire circuit using the general circuit breaker before installing the remote control switch.