Install an intercom

Install an intercom

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Simple intercom or model with video

The new models of intercoms not only make it possible to trigger the system for opening a portal but are also sometimes equipped with video systems which make it possible to ascertain the identity of the visitor. These products, reputed to be expensive, are now available for a few hundred euros. In addition, their wireless link system, often with a remote control, offers simple uses and avoids unnecessary trips.

Wireless and autonomous

Modern intercoms are made up of two elements which are easy to fix using a few screws and a drill. Their communication is done by air, even in the case of video transmission. The pose for an individual becomes a breeze each of which will overcome in one afternoon. Similarly, the power supply system is often provided with a rechargeable battery on the sector. If the two elements still require a nearby electrical outlet, they will not stop working in the event of an electrical failure thanks to the presence of an internal battery.


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