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Sticking stickers on the walls

Sticking stickers on the walls

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Very fashionable for a few years, the wall stickers bring a modern touch to your interior decoration. Colors, patterns… There is really something for all styles! Easy to apply, the stickers are perfect for bringing a little change without much effort!

Sticking stickers on the walls: preparing the support

The sticker must be placed 24 hours before in the room in which it will be installed. You can fix the sticker on a wall or on a door. Only constraint: the surface must absolutely be dry, clean and smooth. If not, clean using Saint Marc detergent to degrease, rinse with clean water, then allow to dry thoroughly.

How to stick the sticker?

Make sure where you want to stick your sticker before removing its adhesive protection. This will really assess the rendering. Place it on a flat surface and pass a squeegee over it. Place the sticker in the desired location. Choose a side to start laying. Remove the adhesive protection as you go along, proceeding slowly and carefully. Press and apply the squeegee to remove the air bubbles, from the center to the outside. Unroll gradually, while continuing to smooth. Once the adhesive protection has been completely removed, iron the squeegee over the entire sticker. If your sticker has a transfer film, wait 10 minutes, then carefully remove from top to bottom. If you are sticking a large sticker, start the installation from the bottom.