Optimizing storage in a dressing room

Optimizing storage in a dressing room

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Optimizing storage in a dressing room: wardrobe space

Indispensable in a dressing room, the wardrobe must be large enough to accommodate delicate clothes that need to be ironed. Dresses and coats will find their place on a high rod and skirts and pants on a bar placed a meter from the ground. To optimize space in height, there are retractable rods to tilt towards you thanks to a rod or a tongue. The pivoting door systems in the shape of a "U" allow to increase the number of accessible hangers.

Optimizing storage in a dressing room: the drawer space

Having several drawers to store lingerie, socks and accessories, allows you to immediately find what you are looking for, but also protects from dust and light. Each drawer has its type of clothing and the interior compartments can provide a storage solution for scarves or jewelry. For even more ease of use, the shock absorber systems for drawers are the guarantee of a silent and discreet closing. Pretty boxes can be used both for storage and decoration.

Optimizing storage in a dressing room: the shelving space

Perfect for storing folded clothes like sweaters or household linen, the shelves can be arranged in columns for good visibility or in height for seasonal clothes. The sliding shelves are particularly practical for optimizing the entire depth of the wardrobe. To avoid cluttering your many pairs of shoes, have special shelves, inclined or with compartments, at the lowest level of the furniture.