Install a concrete roof

Install a concrete roof

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Concrete tiles

Concrete tiles offer an exceptional lifespan. It is a composite material based on sand, clay, limestone and mineral pigments. They imitate the terracotta tile. Made in molds, concrete tiles allow you to always have homogeneous tiles. Neither UV, frost, sea salt, nor pollution, will alter these tiles. For a long time the defect of concrete tiles has been the loss of color over time. This is no longer the case with the latest generation tiles.

Implementation of a concrete roof

If the slope of the roof is less than or equal to 40%, installing a concrete roof is similar to installing floor floors. Remember to take the slope into account if you are installing props. If the slope is greater than 40%, it must be ensured that the low beams are blocked to avoid the risk of slipping.

Concrete roofing: mistakes to avoid

If your concrete roof is flat, the insulation is always done outside and not inside. The main risk of a concrete roof is that it collapses causing very serious accidents. So, before making your decision, call on a specialist (architect or project manager) to ensure that your foundations are strong enough to support the load of a concrete roof. Generally, a concrete roof requires a thickness of at least twenty centimeters, except when using the most modern but excessively expensive techniques.


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