Renovate woodwork

Renovate woodwork

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Renovating the woodwork often gives them a second life. To renovate woodwork, it is necessary to proceed in several stages: make a diagnosis, expose the wood, make repairs, protect the wood and make the finishes.

Make a diagnosis before renovating woodwork

Make a diagnosis, allows you to learn about the state of the woodwork. Wood is a living material which can be damaged by humidity or cold for example. It is therefore important, before renovating your woodwork, to identify the worm-eaten, hollowed out or cracked parts.

Baring the wood

To start, remove all nails and screws, and remove the worm-eaten parts with a wood chisel. If the woodwork is varnished, sand it with thick grit sandpaper and repeat the operation with fine grit sandpaper. Always be sure to sand in the direction of the wood. If the woodwork is waxed, use a dewaxer, it is a product that removes the wax, then sand. If the woodwork is painted, use a paint stripper and sand. Finally, dust off the woodwork to be renovated.

Repair woodwork to renovate

If the woodwork has holes or cracks, fill it with wood pulp. There are wood pulp in different colors, choose one close to the essence of the wood you are renovating. Apply wood pulp with a spatula, filling the hole or crack. Smooth the surface by removing the overflow with the spatula. Let dry and sand with a fine abrasive to obtain a regular result.

Protect the woodwork to be renovated

Apply a special water-repellent and fungicide treatment to the wood using a brush, respecting the manufacturer's instructions. If you choose an oil or stain as a finish for woodwork, you can skip this step.


You can choose to paint your woodwork, in this case first apply a "special wood" undercoat and then the paint of your choice. Always paint following the direction of the wood. You can also wax, oil or varnish them. These three products are applied with a soft bristle brush. Apply them following the direction of the wood and let dry. In the case of varnishing the woodwork, it is preferable to apply a second or even a third layer of varnish, sanding lightly between each layer.