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Install an induction hob

Install an induction hob

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At first glance, an induction hob is quite easy to install, like any hob. However, special attention must be paid to the electrical connection.

Installing an induction hob: installation and ventilation

On a purely mechanical level, installing an induction hob is simply done by embedding it in the worktop. A foam seal underneath helps stabilize it. Once installed, the sealing of the plate will be ensured thanks to a silicone gasket. The precaution to take with an induction hob is to ensure that the ventilation will always be maximum, even if it means sacrificing a drawer or the like, and that the hob is well insulated from below.

Attention to the electrical connection of the induction hob

So far, nothing rocket science. In fact, all the difficulty in installing an induction hob lies in the electrical connections. It is, in fact, necessary to check that the power of its installation is suitable: the smallest power level of an induction hob revolves around 45-50 W, the greatest from 2000 to 3500 W. Above all, and while most models are sold without plug, you should know that the plate plugs into a special socket of 32 amps, with a cable of 6 mm². If the installation is not suitable, it is better to call in an electrician. For the rest, the connection of the induction hob is specified in a diagram on the back of the device and / or on the instructions, which it is better to follow to the letter. After installing the plate and before permanently fixing it with silicone, it is advisable to test its correct operation.


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