Install a range hood

Install a range hood

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Before installing an extractor hood, it is best to make sure you have the right tools at hand: Phillips and electrician's screwdriver, jigsaw (for an exhaust hood), drill, wood rasp and meter. Then it all depends on the type of hood.

For a recycling hood

After dismantling the box on which the hood will be fixed, it is necessary to create a notch at the back and to drill a hole for the passage of the electric wire. The hood can be screwed onto the box after checking that it is in the recycling function. Then just install a plug at the end of the cable, connect and install everything.

For an extractor hood

The principle of installation of the extractor hood is the same, but it is also necessary to add the exhaust duct. To do this, it is necessary to use the template provided in order to correctly cut the box, at the top and bottom (without forgetting a possible shelf). After installing the outlet cuff on the hood, simply pass the sheath through the top of the box and fix it with clamps, particularly at the outlet wall. The principle of connection is the same as for a recycling hood.

For wall mounting of the extractor hood

If the hood is wall mounted, the brackets are supplied with the appliance. However, you must pay attention to the location of the hood when drilling the anchor points: it must be in width in the middle of the hob, and in height at least 70 cm from the worktop.