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Improve safety in your kitchen

Improve safety in your kitchen

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Among the main dangers in the kitchen, fire of course, but also electrical connections and cleaning products. Improving kitchen safety therefore means limiting these risks, particularly for families with children.

Improving kitchen safety: the right moves

This involves very simple gestures, as always turning the tail of the pan towards the inside of the hob, and by precautions taken when connecting electrical appliances, between the state of the installation and the distance of at least 60 cm from a water source. As for cleaning products, they should be stored in areas out of the reach of children, and especially not in simple plastic bottles. In terms of storage, the same goes for sharp objects.

Improving kitchen safety: small equipment

Improving kitchen safety is also about equipment. A protective grid for the oven, drawer-lockers or cupboard-lockers are small, inexpensive systems that limit the risk of accidents. Regarding major appliances, in addition to checking the connections, it must be ensured that the devices cannot tip over. Fixing your dishwasher on the wall or on the furniture next to it is not useless.

Blanket and fire extinguisher

A fire blanket can be useful. For an investment of less than 15 €, it can put out a kitchen fire, provided of course that it has been stored close at hand. As for fire extinguishers, they are not all effective (this can even aggravate the problem) in the event of a fryer fire. In all cases, choose a carbon dioxide extinguisher, which will be checked annually.