Replace a toilet flush

Replace a toilet flush

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Replacing a toilet flush: some precautions to take

To prevent any risk of flooding, first cut off the water supply to the toilets. This is often the small tap located under (for older WC models) or on the side of the tank. After turning it, flush the toilet to empty the tank. After removing the cover, you will need to use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the water inlet hose, the float valve and then the bell from the old toilet flush. Under the bowl there are generally two fixing nuts. After loosening them, the tank can be removed. Depending on the model, the system that receives the seal is fixed or screwed under the tank. If it is screwed, a tool provided in the kit will allow you to remove it and replace it with a new one.

Don't forget the seals!

You can then replace the tank, not forgetting to change the screw seals that are inside. The new float valve is naturally screwed with a seal on the side of the bowl. With the adjustable wrench, you will more easily screw the new mechanism on both sides. After installing the new mechanism as indicated in the manufacturer's instructions, you can adjust the level of the float before replacing the cover. All you have to do is restore the water supply and check that there are no leaks.