Double glazing

Double glazing

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If you cannot replace the windows of the house or apartment with double or triple glazed windows, there remains the cheaper possibility of making yourself what is called "double glazing renovation".

Preparation of double glazing

At first, it is essential to carefully measure the window to be renovated, length and width, to which we will add 10 mm to obtain the dimensions of the double glazing that we will cut. Before being placed on the window, the double glazing must be surrounded by a frame produced using renovation profiles. For this, it is first necessary to cut the profiles at 45 °, the outer part of the profile must be 38 mm longer than the length of the face of the glass on which it will be affixed (because of the bevel). Then place a translucent silicone net at the bottom of the profiles, then open the "screw cover", glue the brackets with PVC glue, and place a square at each angle in the groove of the screw cover. Finally, the profiles are placed on the insulating glass, pressing hard to secure them at the bottom, the profiles and glass are cleaned with methylated spirits, and left to dry for 24 hours.

Installation of double glazing on the window

Using a hammer, and protecting yourself with glasses and gloves, you remove the single glazing, without the need to remove the seal, but scrape the interior of the joinery to remove any roughness. A bead of silicone is placed inside the carpentry, and the frame is put in place.

Finally, we open the screw covers, and we screw the frame on the window, before closing the screw covers.


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