Mount a glass brick partition

Mount a glass brick partition

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Glass block finds its place today in all rooms of the house. For the bathroom, the living room or even the bedroom, it has become a fashionable object for the creation of trendy partitions. Translucent, it allows you to pleasantly divide the space of an interior without completely isolating it. Easy to install, the glass bricks offer a simple and quick assembly.

First step: installation of a framework

First of all, it is necessary to fix a wooden or metal frame which will serve as the basic structure for the future partition. A strip of insulation will then be fixed around its perimeter using simple nails. The base of the framework must be covered with a thin layer of mortar and two twisted wires (with a diameter of 6 mm) before receiving the first row of glass bricks.

Second step: laying glass bricks

Once the framework is in place, the installation of the glass bricks can begin. The first row simply attaches to the mortar bed. The spaces provided for the joints are to be made using braces, then filled with cement. After laying each row, cover them with mortar, not forgetting the two twisted wires, as well as a third wire to be placed between each of the blocks.

Third step: the finishing touches

Once the partition is finished, let the mortar dry. It will then be enough to remove the cross-pieces, and to carry out a light work of equalization of the joints. Then use a sealer.


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