Climb a concrete staircase

Climb a concrete staircase

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Formerly reserved for large masonry work or exterior fittings, concrete has now acquired a certain notoriety in the field of interior decoration, so that today, it has become a very trendy material used in the realization of floors or still stairs with a design and contemporary aspect.

Why choose a concrete staircase?

Concrete offers certain advantages that other materials do not have. Used in the design of a staircase, it will make it resolutely contemporary while allowing very easy maintenance. And for those who the raw material would reject, it is easily dressed, as well by a simple painting as by stone (marble, granite ...) or even tiling.

Make your own concrete staircase

The realization of a concrete staircase is a heavy and sometimes tedious work for amateur DIY enthusiasts. However, the task is not impossible. After having drawn the plans, it will be imperative to go through the realization of a formwork to pour the material. Count that the complete drying of the staircase will not be finished until after 28 days on average.

Have a professional staircase climb a concrete staircase

Concrete stairs are now offered as a kit by manufacturers. However, their pose is far from being accessible to all. Also, do not hesitate to call a professional. He will install it in less than three days, and will be especially very good advice to judge the feasibility of such a project.


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