Renovate an office

Renovate an office

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Lovers of garage sales, you fell for a wooden desk, beautiful and inexpensive certainly, but very deteriorated. An irresistible crush that you feel ready to retype with love. These few guidelines will help you in your mission.

Office location and collage

Gather the right tools: stripping sponges, flat and polishing brushes, steel wool, cotton wool and wool rags, a sander, pads and spatula, as well as gloves to protect yourself. It all starts with the identification of the altered parts, broken pieces, unstuck stems, wobbly feet. After having sanded the affected areas, apply a layer of fairly thick wood glue, especially at the level of the bar compartments. Install the elements then clean up any burrs.

Office stripping and sanding

Scour the used coating with a suitable product. Leave on for as long as necessary, then clean with steel wool. These products are very powerful: spread alcohol with cotton wool to neutralize the effect. Stripping sponges, more malleable, allow to intervene in volutes and corners. You will complete with the sander intended for wider and smoother surfaces. Be careful to get regular sanding. Remove the stains using a small pad of very fine steel wool, dipped in a wax of the shade of the original wood.

Office wood treatment

We must now tackle the wood itself to restore its vigor. Use wood pulp, if possible already colored, to fill crevices and orifices. Place it with a spatula to obtain the most even surface possible; you will sand the roughness after drying. In addition, locate the possible presence of parasites (holes, suspicious sawdust) to treat accordingly.

Office stain

Move the desk to the lightening product with a brush to spread the liquid evenly. When you are satisfied with the tone obtained, use alcohol to stop the effect of the product. Apply wood filler in the same direction as wood stain; switch to steel wool to promote penetration. Pass the wax; accentuate the dye with a colored wax. Remove the overflow with a brush after drying, then wipe with a cloth.


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