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Install an instant electric water heater

Install an instant electric water heater

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Instant electric water heater: few connections, little weight, little volume

The first advantage offered by an instantaneous electric water heater is to simplify the connections which often present themselves as the most complex part of the installation. Indeed, the new outlet valves with flexible pipes greatly facilitate the connections which can be more easily made by the purchaser. The other big advantage is the absence of storage space and therefore of a tank since the heating is instantaneous. With this small size and this small weight, wall fixings can be envisaged with more serenity.

Quick to install, instant to heat

To power an instantaneous electric water heater, only one energy source is needed: the electric cable. So just pay attention to the electrical power that will be required for the water heater to be used optimally. The installation itself takes only a few hours and everyone can then benefit from the reactivity and regular smoothness of the instant electric water heater.